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Filmed at Apollon Gym in Edison, NJ.

It's all about the Mentality.

John Poznanski, a Rutgers Wrestling Sophomore, works out and models in new gear from Mentality. It takes a lot to be a great athlete, even more to keep a strong mentality.

John "Poz" does just that:

"Mental Health is a huge part in life many people overlook. In sports especially at the highest level outsiders think you are living the “dream” right? In some cases we are, but this “life” comes with a hard lifestyle. Mentally we take a toll whether it’s not living up to an expectation, not winning that match or tournament, or not being perfect. Nothing is going to be perfect. Mentality is a page that I have been following for quite some time now and the messages they send daily are very motivational. What I really found to love from Mentality are there great reminders for me to keep my goals and daily life habits in order so I can be the best person I can be and become successful in life. Mental health is not an injury that we can all see, yet it’s something many of us athletes find hard to express because we don’t want to be seen as “weak.” Surrounding yourself with the right people and being able to take life one day at a time, and every task, one task at time, is something I found to be key to success on and off the mat. Being able to block out the negativity and keep the positivity is something us as athletes and as humans must do so we can be the best athlete and person we can be. I have never been the biggest talker in life. I feel that I have always used my actions as words weather it’s on the mat or in life. But I feel that this is a topic that I must use my words to express my feelings and life experiences to help others."

- John Poz

Shot for Mentality

Filmed, Edited, & Written by Ryan Downey Jr.